© 2009 Ronni Shendar

In Mumbai

We are in Mumbai, and thus, the lack of communication as we have yet to find a stable internet connection to upload more photos and impressions from our last days in Tromsø, our show at the Insomnia Festival or our quick stop in Graz to play at the Elevate Festival. Now Mumbai, India is like a tsunami of overwhelming sights, smells, colors and emotions, constant motion and ceaseless noise. Smells of spices and rotten sewage, unimaginable dilapidation and profound charm and beauty wherever the eye wanders. There is no rest from the hum, there is no cessation of confrontation, there is no avoiding poverty at every step and constant examining and reexamining the world we live in.

We are playing in Mumbai at the Blue Frog tomorrow, Friday Oct. 30th and on Saturday in Delhi at the Goethe Institut Gardens.

Hope to blog very soon.