c.sides Festival

In 2005 Till Rohmann (aka Glitterbug) and I established the c.sides Festival in Jerusalem.

We wanted to bring together artists, producers and musicians, working in mediums of electronic and digital art, and to create an event that showcases (what was then a less-known) independent electronic music scene, innovative art and music, and to create a framework where knowledge and experience can be shared, while establishing a platform for discussing burning issues of the social and political reality in which we operate.

The festival grew (rapidly!) from an independent exchange between artists and remained a non-commercial production through its various events in both Jerusalem and Jaffa.

Supporting the growth of the electronic music in Israel into the thriving scene it is today, we decided after the 2009 c.sides Festival production that we would like to use the c.sides platform to challenge the new established borders  and to curate more experimental events and concerts focusing on certain topics as well as releases on the c.sides label.

You can learn more here: c.sides Below are a few photos from our various productions.