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Last days in Tromsø

This is a belated post that I have lacked anything near an adequate upload speed to share.
Please excuse my filthy camera lens, its now clean…

Our last days in Tromsø. I think words can’t describe the tranquility of this place. The feeling of vast undisturbed land, the minimalist lines that compose contrasting shapes in sparse colors. I have even fewer words to describe the warm and loving hospitality we received from everyone in town or the amazing experiences and people we met (sniff, sniff….)
Included in this photo album are our unbelievable luck to see the Northern Lights: more majestic, shocking and astonishing than on youtube, I promise! (Thanks to our amazing Berit who took us out to the mountains to catch a better view away from city lights), a walk to the beaches at the edge of the island, polar bears, kitties, screaming audiences and other goodies: