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Hello. I’m trying to keep projects up to date on this page, but other than that, I  stopped updating this site in 2014…

I still like taking on new projects – so if you’d like to collaborate, find me here: Mail


About me:

Ronni Shendar is an Israeli visual artist working in the meeting point between new-music, photography, video, and stage design. She has performed and shown works in internationally, including the Jewish Museum Frankfurt, Institute For Modern Art in Brisbane, Arp Musem and a project for Festival de Cannes.

She has toured with Glitterbug (DE) and Gold Panda (UK) performing at festivals such as Unsound (US), Elevate (AU), Plateaux-Festival (PL), Plektrum Festival (EE), Spot Festival (DK), and MIGZ Festival (RU), and her videos have been featured on platforms such as MTV, Pitchfork, XLR8R, The Fader, and more.

For the past  years she has collaborated as a stage and light designer, and film director for choreographer Reut Shemesh. The work ‘LEVIAH’ was the winner of the 2016 Cologne Dance Theater Prize.

Together with Till Rohmann (aka Glitterbug) she was the co-founder director of the c.sides Festival in Israel, also a label and international platform for electronic music and critical media art, and has been involved in social-political engagement and cultural production for many years.

Currently based in Berlin.


//// Dates 2020

COBRA BLONDE – Part I by Reut Shemesh
Stage and light design by Ronni Shendar
26-27.9 Düsseldorf, Tanzhaus NRW

ATARA by Reut Shemesh
Video, stage, light by Ronni Shendar
14-15.1 Singapore, M1 Fringe Festival
1.3. Mülheim (DE), Ringlokschuppen
6-7.3 Munich Tanzplatfform Germany
16.3 Mainz, tanzmainz Festival
12+13.9 Dortmund, favoriten festival
3.10 Köln, TanzFaktur, (Rh)einfach festival (DE)
29+30.10 Mannheim EinTanzHaus (DE)
14. 11 Winterthur (CH) Tanzfestival
20.11  St. Gallen (CH) Lokremise
27.+ 29.11 Zürich Tanzhaus (CH)
10.12 Steckborn, Phönix Theater (CH)

//// Dates 2019

ATARA by Reut Shemesh
Video, stage, light by Ronni Shendar
3-5.4 Hamburg, K3-Tanzplan Hamburg at Kammnagel  - Premiere
12.5 Krefeld, Fabrik Header
14-15.5 Düsseldorf, tanzhaus nrw (DE)
2-3.11, Cologne, TanzFaktur
12.12 Jerusalem,  Machol Shalem

WITNESS by Reut Shemesh
Book design by Ronni Shendar

//// Dates 2018

LEVIAH By Reut Shemesh
23.+24.10  Theatrelab New York/ NY USA
27.10, Romania, Brasov
29.11 + 1.12  Tel-Aviv, Israel, Clipa theatre

//// Dates 2017

LEVIAH  film screening
17.3 Chicago, US, In/Motion Festival, Premier
12.5 Oberhausen, Film Festival Oberhausen, Stiftung IMAI Performed Identity
30.6-2.7 Cologne, PLAY/III video & performance festival

LEVIAH performance tour
07.4 Tanzfaktur Cologne
11.5 Tanz NRW/ Bonn Ballsaa Theater
12.5 Tanz NRW/ Düsseldorf Tanzhaus NRW
13.5 Tanz NRW/ Krefeld Fabrik Heeder

15.7 + 17.7 Düsseldorf Asphalt Festival premier of GOLA  

//// Dates 2016

9.4 Cologne, Germany, Tanzfaktur, Leviah (Light, video, stage)
14.4 Berlin, Germany, Dock 11, Persona (Video stage design)
15.4 Berlin, Germany, Dock 11, Persona (Video stage design)
16.4 Berlin, Germany, Dock 11, Persona (Video stage design)
17.4 Berlin, Germany, Dock 11, Persona (Video stage design)
6.5 Hannover, Germany, Eisfabrik, The Boy Who Cries Wolf (Light, Stage design)
7.5 Hannover, Germany, Eisfabrik, The Boy Who Cries Wolf (Light, Stage design)
23.8 St.gallen, Tanzplan Ost, Leviah (Light, video, stage)
03.9 Herisau, TanzRaum,  Tanzplan Ost, Leviah (Light, video, stage)
17.9 Zürich, Tanzhaus, Tanzplan Ost, Leviah (Light, video, stage)
23.9 – 23.4 Ready for the Stage Act 1 – Wildwood Flowers installation at Arp Museum
5.11 Liechtenstein, TAK Theater, Tanzplan Ost, Leviah (Light, video, stage)
19.11 Winterthur, Theater am Gleis Tanzplan Ost, Leviah (Light, video, stage)
26.11 Chur, Theater Chur Tanzplan Ost, Leviah (Light, video, stage)

//// Dates 2015

26.3 Mannheim, Germany, Jetzt Musik Festival, premier of Prosumer soundtrack for Die Stadt Ohne Juden - video edited by me + featuring my poem
28.3 Mannheim, Germany, Jetzt Musik Festival, workshop - Video für Performance & Bühne
17.4 Düsseldorf, Germany, tanz nrw, The Boy Who Cries Wolf
25.4 Bonn, Germany tanz nrw, The Boy Who Cries Wolf
31.10 Krefeld, Fabrik Heeder, The Boy Who Cries Wolf
8.11 Köln PLAY/II,  Gallerie Ampersand with Reut Shemesh (running until 09.01.2016)
27.11 Köln, Tanzfaktur, Leviah (Light, stage + video)
28.11 Köln, Tanzfaktur, Leviah (Light, stage + video)
29.11 Köln, Tanzfaktur, Leviah (Light, stage + video)
4.12 Berlin, Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, Leviah (Light, stage + video)

//// Dates 2014

27.3 Cologne, Germany, KHM, The Boy Who Cries Wolf (stage and light design)
3.5 Berlin, Germany Forum Neuer Zirkus - The Boy Who Cries Wolf (stage & light design)
9.5 Berlin, Germany, Tabor Kirche
 Glitterbug ‘Dust’ Release party
16.5 Cologne, Germany, Sommerblut Festival, The Boy Who Cries Wolf (stage & light design)
17.5 Cologne, Germany, Sommerblut Festival, The Boy Who Cries Wolf (stage & light design)
18.5 Cologne, Germany, Sommerblut Festival, The Boy Who Cries Wolf (stage & light design)
22.5 Tillburg, Netherlands, Festival C, The Boy Who Cries Wolf (stage & light design)
12.6 Berlin, Germany, Dock 11, Persona (Video design)
14.6 Berlin, Germany, Dock 11, Persona (Video design)
15.6 Berlin, Germany, Dock 11, Persona (Video design)
10.9 Cologne, Germany, Alte Feuerwache The Boy Who Cries Wolf (stage & light design)
11.9 Cologne, Germany, Alte Feuerwache The Boy Who Cries Wolf (stage & light design)
20.9 Munster, Germany, Pumpenhaus Theater Persona (Video design)
21.9 Munster, Germany, Pumpenhaus Theater Persona (Video design)
23.10 Tel Aviv, Israel, Rothschild 12
25.10 Munich, Germany, RITOURNELLE Festival 
7.11 Berlin, Germany, KOOKOO @ OHM Gallery
28.11 Minsk, Belarus, Live Elektronic

//// Dates 2013 

24.1 Tel Aviv, Israel Block Club, Pacotek
29.1 Tel Aviv, Israel Deli Glitterbug workshop
06.4 Hong Kong HumDrum Collective
10.4 Hanoi, Vietnam, Master Class – audio-visual production – Goethe Institute
11.4 Hanoi, Vietnam, Master Class – a/v & multi-dimensional approaches – Goethe Institute
13.4 Hanoi, Vietnam, Hanoi Sound Stuff Festival
19.4 Melbourne, Australia, Freeform Collective at Horse Bazaar
20.4 Sydney, Australia, Demiurge
25.4 Brisbane, Australia, Institute for Modern Art
25.5 Bayreuth, Germany, Glashaus
04.6 Premier Gold Panda video (My Father in Hong Kong)
- TOUR BREAK – new projects announced in 2014

//// Dates 2012
02.05 ‘Feelharmonia‘ and ‘Passages‘ Premier
22.06 Dinslaken Lohberg, Kiosk 422 Lecture and concert with Glitterbug
23.06-29.07 Dinslaken Lohberg, Kiosk 422 Passages installation exhibition
24.06 Cologne, Germany Silent Concert at c/o Pop Egress & Cancerboy special premier
28.09 Tallin, Estonia, Opening Event of the Development Center, Tallinn Creative Hub (lecture)
02.11 DQE, Cologne, Germany AORA Premier!
03.11 DQE, Cologne, Germany AORA
04.11 DQE, Cologne, Germany AORA
11.12 MD Kollektiv – MADE IN COLOGNE Cologne, Germany – AORA
12.12 MD Kollektiv – MADE IN COLOGNE Cologne, Germany – AORA

//// Dates 2011
unless otherwise noted, live performances with Glittebug
09.01 Cologne, Germany film:on (screening)
23.01 Los Angeles, USA Dublab Labrat Matinee (screening)
09.04 New York, USA Unsound Festival
21.04 Geneva, Switzerland Electron Festival
23.04 Vienna, Austria Fluc
08.05 Berlin, Germany Kizuna Japan Benefit
12.05 Berlin, Germany Audible Approaches for a Better Place @ HKW
19.05 Dusseldorf, Germany Institute for Music and Media (lecture)
15.07 Tel Aviv, Israel Pacotek
17.08 Berlin, Germany Festival ÜBER LEBENSKUNST grand opening at the HKW
08.09 Tallinn, Estonia Plektrum Festival `Premier of the A/V show of Glitterbug‘s Egress
09.09 Tallinn, Estonia Plektrum Festival with Glitterbug
15.10 Berlin, Germany TBC
Gold Panda Tour October 2011:
. 05.10 Thekla, Bristol, UK
. 06.10 Koko, London, UK
. 07.10 Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, UK
. 08.10 King Tuts, Glasgow UK
. 11.10 Trondheim, Norway
. 12.10 Trondheim, Norway
. 13.10 Trondheim, Norway
. 14.10 John Dee, Oslo, Norway
. 15.10 Perfect Sounds Festival, Bergen, Norway
. 24.10 Echoplex, Los Angeles, USA
. 25.10 The Independent, San Francisco, USA
. 26.10 Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, USA
. 29.10 Good Units at Hudson, New York USA
02.12 Bayreuth, Germany Glashaus, with Glitterbug
22.12 Tallinn, Estonia 60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero (screening)

//// Dates 2010
06.02 Amsterdam, Netherlands Trouw
03.04 Cologne, Germany Total Confusion
20.05 Aarhus, Denmark Spot Festival
27.05 Amsterdam, Netherlands Off Centre Festival
24.06 Cologne, Germany c/o Pop festival
17.07 Oslo, Norway Oslo Live Festival
23.07 Bergen, Norway Landmark
07.08 Berlin, Germany @ //about:blank
03.09 Moscow, Russia MIGZ Festival (TBA)
27.11 Nijmegen, Netherlands Doornroosje
22.12 Mumbai, India Blue Frog
27.12 Mumbai, India – Bombay Elektrik Project Presentation of video works

//// Dates 2009
12.06 Firenze, Italy MUV Festival
12.08 Cologne, Germany c/o Pop Festival
28.08 Amsterdam, Netherlands Melkweg
23.10 Tromsø, Norway Insomnia Festival (live w/ glitterbug)
24.10 Graz, Austria Elevate Festival(live w/ glitterbug)
India tour with Glitterbug, Andy Vaz and Murat Tepeli:
30.10 Mumbai, India Blue Frog, presented by Bhavishyavani Future Soundz
31.10 New Delhi, India Goethe Inst. Gardens / Max Mueller Bhavan
06.11 Kolkata, India The Roxy,
07.11 Bangalore, India – Sutra Lalit Ashok
21.11 Torun, Poland Plateaux-Festival (live w/ glitterbug)
17.12 JerusalemPacotek, Bass Club, w/ Glitterbug!
18.12 Tel Aviv, Israel – Blitz @ River Studio, w/ Glitterbug!


Selected screenings and group exhibitions:

60 Seconds of Solitude in the Year Zero, Tallinn, Estonia

Access To Israel II: Israeli Contemporary Art, Jewish Museum, Frankfurt

Diasporas and Troubles, Kunstbunker Tumulka, Munich

Connected, Fachbereich Museen, Mönchengladbach

60 Seconds of Solitude in the Year Zero, Tallinn Port, Estonia

c.sides Festival, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv

Worldtronics Festival, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

Drafted Art petition and online exhibition

Proyekt Gvul with Liora Lopian, Festival de Cannes, France

UpGrade!, Daila, Jerusalem

Heara 4 with Liora Lopian, Jerusalem