In 2004 I had the honor to lead an amazing project and construct a new space in Jerusalem that would function as an intercultural performance space promoting social change and social justice through the independent arts, media and education.

Initiated as an outreach center for the work of the Israeli critical left by the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, Daila was was an open and creative space located in the center of downtown West Jerusalem. Coordinated by an Israeli – Palestinian staff and an expansive network of volunteers, Daila was a non-coersive, warm and inviting space for young Israeli’s, Palestinians, members of the international community and others searching for cultural alternatives supporting creative initiatives, independent production and experimental art.

The modular space would host to everything from screenings to performances, theater to exhibitions, parties, lectures, workshops, info shop and a cafe (sometimes all in one day).

I had the pleasure to build and run this beautiful space until 2006, and through the work of volunteers and endless individuals, I was exposed to some of my favorite artists, musicians, projects and organizations. Unfortunately, due to economic difficulties the space closed at the end of 2008.

There are endless people that need to be thanked for creating Daila. From everyone who worked there, to volunteers, artists and organizations who utilized the space for their amazing work, to those who cooked, hung posters, cleaned, advertised, shared, performed, initiated, drank coffee, bought books, painted walls, danced and brought their friends.