© 2009 Ronni Shendar tromso_ferry22

a Tromsø ferry ride

Tromsø is an island, as this entire region is. The last bits of scattered land before the water takes over, right at the edge of the globe.
It’s a land of sharp mountains and deep waters, roads are few and the travel is long. Water or air is how you really get from place to place, so we joined one of the morning ferries to make a round trip through the small water villages that surround the area. Boats often are the only entry or exit point, and even they only travel every other day, once, at 7am…
I have never quite seen a blue sunrise before where the cold light joins the silver water. Rather than the warm yellow glow I am so familiar with, that crawls through my windows and envelops the house with radiance, the sun here approaches the sky with a subtle chilling blue, a slow sapphire curtain unavailing the mountain’s terrain.
The boat left in total darkness. We spent 2 hours on deck wrestling the chilling winds, listing to the rumbling motor as sharp peaks passed over gleaming waters and forlorn places.
You can listen to some recordings on Till’s blog.