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Happy New Year


New years 2010
5th floor, somewhere in Deutz, Cologne.

Young boys throwing firecrackers, watching them snap and pop across street corners in small explosions that tatter the air like snapdragons.
They try to impress one another, testing borders of social order in the celebration havoc.

A miniature blast rumbles through the subway tunnel, followed by snickering and the low moans of an implicit adolescent language.
The bellowing smoke triggers memories of times and places where giggles have no premise.
But how can I explain this to them as they throw one at my legs, disappearing behind a corner.

It’s snowing, mixed with drops of rain that fall softly on the terrace, melting on my hands and setting soft kisses on my jacket.
The sky fills with glowing flowers, fireworks of a sovereign un-orchestrated light symphony shooting from every direction, yet all darting up, racing into the red gleaming sky.

Glasses clink. A kiss, a hug.
A panoramic shot, a short moment caught.