© 2009 Ronni Shendar delhi37


new delhi
old delhi
wide streets and highways extending through an endless sprawling metropolis that hides behind walls
dust dims the light into a pale brown gray that hangs in the air as small grains land between the teeth and sting the eye
people wrap their faces with shawls and blankets as the soil settles itself down
rickshaws are the main mode of transportation and the distances do not allow to walk almost anywhere
days and hours are spent in the process of commuting making way amidst the endless traffic
of city arteries marked by massive circles and encompassed quarters
i have to admit i didn’t quite get the flow of the city
feeling always like swimming upstream
confused by the barricaded walls
as behind every gate are immersed surprises, parks that peek out, aligning and conflicting realities that unfold behind these endless curtains
the distances just don’t allow to see so much in one day
and the dust doesn’t allow to see beyond a few meters
i feel i have seen so little of the city in the few days we’ve had