© 2011 Ronni Shendar Paul Bridgewater

Gold Panda Tour October 2011

(photo above by Paul Bridgewater)

On tour at the moment with Gold Panda!
Touring UK, Norway and US with Gold Panda with the 200 LED light installation I built for him alongside the visuals I created and perform in the show.
Full documentation of our performances and the construction process of the installation to follow soon! (along with many merited thank you’s for all those who helped and made this happen!)

Until then, many thanks again to Gold Panda and his super-management boys Gareth Dobson and Pete Flinton, and a very special thanks to good friend, artist, technologist, hacker and general-amazing-guy Nathan Fain Nathan Fain (cyphunk, deadhacker.com, cypherpoet.com, squimp.com) for his technical counseling, researching, engineering, programming and exceptional soldering skills, who made the installation come to life. I would not have been able to pull this off without him. And another thank you to Till Rohmann aka Glitterbug for his ingenuity, patience, advice, delicious cooking and soldering skills.

Upcoming dates are:
October 2011 – Gold Panda Tour
(info/tickets: www.iamgoldpanda.com/live)
05.10 Thekla, Bristol, UK
06.10 Koko, London, UK
07.10 Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, UK
08.10 King Tuts, Glasgow UK
11.10 Trondheim, Norway
12.10 Trondheim, Norway
13.10 Trondheim, Norway
14.10 John Dee, Oslo, Norway
15.10 Perfect Sounds Festival, Bergen, Norway
24.10 Echoplex, Los Angeles, USA
25.10 The Independent, San Francisco, USA
26.10 Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, USA
29.10 Good Units at Hudson, New York USA