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From minute 1:08 – Glitterbug & Ronni Shendar live at Ritournelle Festival

Glitterbug & Ronni Shendar live at c/o Pop Festival

Glitterbug & Ronni Shendar – live audio-video

Glitterbug is known for incorporating a wide range of analogue equipment on stage to construct his profuse, warm and defined sound enveloping the dance-floor. His long collaboration with Israeli visual artist, Ronni Shendar, has brought about an exceptional approach to club music, expanding borders to a cinematic and emotive language, immersive and mesmerizing. Ronni Shendar works solely with her original footage, materials and photographs, slowly unfolding layers, textures and landscapes into a storytelling journey. Their performance is built and linked to one another to create a single comprehensive experience that’s powerful and emotive.



Imagine opening your eyes in a dark, barren place where everything lays in ruins.

‘Vacuity’ is the first chapter of ‘Egress’, a 4-part composition for string ensemble and electronics composed and recorded by Glitterbug / Till Rohmann, and an audio-visual performance with Israeli artist Ronni Shendar..

Shendar’s video follows the composition’s desolate and bare structure in an uncompromising colorless and sustained movement. A continuous panning shot reveals a lifeless landscape, stunningly spare and haunting. The images tremble like an abandoned gauge monitor, in unison with the tonal subtleties and morphing harmonics. An austere audio-visual journey in virulent and vacuous terrains.

Similar to a radio audio-drama score, ‘Egress’ narrates the story of a final, irreversible departure; the void of an inhabitable space in a world post-society.

Please note: This composition explores wide ranges of sound and tone, and requires headphones or a decent stereo system. Laptop speakers will obliterate vast parts of its frequency range.


Gold Panda

Gold Panda asked me to join the end of his Lucky Shiner tour in Europe, UK, Norway and the US during October 2011. I developed a 90 minute customized visual set and the stage design, that with the help of good friend cyphunk included a 200-LED light installation that was controllable from my computer via arduino, and engineered so it can be packed into a small side bag at the end of each show.

I will have more thorough documentation shortly!