I work as a consultant and freelancer in the field of communication design, with a focus on content writing, online marketing and visual communication.

I have worked as a journalist and a PR agent, a director and a producer, an artist and a curator - so I have acquired skills that allow me to look at projects from multiple sides of the table, understanding both the ‘big picture’ and all the details and steps required to achieve it.

I like taking on new challenges, bringing a wide set of visual imaging tools, communication, writing skills and accomplishments into different contexts. My work, whether in the field of art or communication, is developed through a comprehensive research to understand the unique challenges and context in which each client operates. I am enthusiastic, self-motivated and set ambitious goals that are led by qualitative and quantitative assessment and results. I enjoy working with people and helping them succeed by creating and providing quality products and value-oriented content through sustainable methods.

Some of my clients include:

Zadara Storage – Enterprise-class, Private, Elastic, Cloud Block Storage

Giant Leaps Content Activities

Santa Vendetta – Design by Roy Kovalio

Reut Shemesh Choreography

c.sides Festival for electronic music and media art