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Egress – Vacuity

Vacuity is the 1st part of the 4-part composition ‘Egress’ by Glitterbug (Till Rohmann). We premiered an audio-visual performance of Egress at the Plektrum Festival, in Tallinn, Estonia.
(Please note that the audio recording used in this video is the original recording as released by False Industries label)

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Egress is a work for string ensemble and electronics composed and recorded by Glitterbug, consisting of four chapters – Vacuity, Span, Stagger and Appraise.

Continuing his notable cinematic approach and pushing it to its next level, Glitterbug unveils Egress as audible storytelling, similar to radio-play and audio drama scores, dealing with notions of escape, isolation, loss, mourning, and undefined fear.

The composition’s thirty minutes are desolate and bare. They narrate an idea of a final, irreversible departure, presenting a soundtrack traveling through vacuous territories and hollow drifts. It narrates a void of inhabitable space, documenting the emotionality of the sound of a world post society, of a future in an unknown and possibly hostile place.

Egress is formed by a reduced musical structure, built upon discerning tonal subtleties, suspended single notes, and harmonics that slowly morph atonal.

The release on False Industries label features remixes from Tillman Erhorn and Rafael Anton Irisarri.

Thank you to Yair Etziony of False Industries and to Sten-Kristian Saluveer and Marge Paas of the Plektrum Festival for helping us to bring this work to life.

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Please note: This composition explores wide ranges of sound and tone, and thus requires headphones or a decent stereo system. Laptop speakers will obliterate vast parts of its frequency range.

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