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A brief collection of a few of the warm words ‘Marriage‘ received in magazines, blogs etc.
I feel like some really captured in words what I tried to visually create.
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…”Marriage” also has a gorgeous new video that director Ronni Shendar shot on location in Germany, India, and Israel. It’s hard to say what’s so great about the video, since it’s mostly people staring at the camera and holding up Chinese paper lanterns. But every single facial expression is so loaded with emotion that each shot seems to tell its own cryptic story. Watch the video below or over at Pitchfork.tv. And Gold Panda will hit the road in North America this spring; check out all his dates here.

UK micro-techno specialist and creator of the lovely Lucky Shiner LP, Gold Panda has finished up a brand-new video for album cut “Marriage” and shared it with the world post-haste. The video mirrors producer Derwin’s emotive song quite perfectly with its precious imagery (good-looking people carrying around paper lanterns), up-close-and-personal vantage point (most shots have a very tight depth of field), and its wide array of colorful goings-on (fireworks, snow, and the beach all in one video?). All of the scenes and shots crafted by director Ronni Shendar were obviously tailor made for Gold Panda (on location in India, Germany, and Israel, too), but one gets the sense that maybe the two artists worked together quite closely on the project. We’re not sure how else such an ideal pairing could’ve come about. And if the video isn’t enough, the musicmaker will be releasing this song as a single, along with remixes from Baths, Star Slinger, and Forest Swords, on March 1, and is currently on tour, as well.

Maybe the biggest statement in Gold Panda’s “Marriage” video is how good looking normal looking people are. So many stares into the camera, so many warm grins. But you get the sense these are GP’s adult, creative-industry-but-nine-to-five job-working friends, or at least they could be. There’s a great shot of a guy in the road getting honked at: he’s completely relaxed about the whole thing, even better off for it. For such a non-narrative video, mostly about the types of people who can hold lanterns, this is making us feel really, really good.

Video of the Day
Highlight: There is something really special about these lanterns.
Safe to say, this is the best video we’ve seen in a while. Gold Panda’s Marriage is a sweet accompanying visual to the UK producer’s trippy track. The viddy takes us around the world in HD, with a Chinese lantern. Yup, that’s it. But as you already know, you don’t always need much to look good. Watch Gold Panda’s Marriagebelow!

The UK-based electronic maestro unveils his latest visual piece to compliment his esteemed single “Marriage.” Projected imagery of happiness and harmony parallel the song fittingly, and serves as one of his more remarkable song and video tandem to date. Check it out.

…In addition to all that great news, Pitchfork.tv debuted the beautifully shot vid for the single today. Director Ronni Shendar shot it on location in Germany, Israel, and India. The clip largely consists of random denizens gazing into Shendar’s lens and holding up Chinese paper lanterns. Peep the video below.

We see vignettes of people carrying different coloured lanterns up escalators, through car parks, at work, even on the ocean, and are invited to interpret these brief segments of film however we please. As ‘Marriage’ builds to its layered climax, the lanterns are all brought together to the backdrop of fireworks, which makes for a somewhat strange, but also bizarrely uplifting finale. Director Ronni Shendar has an artist’s eye for colours and composition, and her portraits of everyday folk are beguilingly captured without being overwrought or excessively stylised.
It’s a very unfussy video, but its simple charm and brilliantly straightforward central concept make it a joyous 4 minute salute to colour and creativity.

… I just stumbled upon his music for the first time when I saw his music video for his single Marriage. I was blown away by how perfectly the video matched the vibe of the song, not to mention the song itself and its feel of blissful innocence…

A fascinating piece of work by Ronni Shendar for Gold Panda, a producer from the United Kingdom. This track is titled Marriage and the video to go alongside it is pretty much perfect in every way. Ronni uses the symbol of a lit lantern with it being passed on to many different people. It’s very beautiful and heart warming, I definitely came away with my spirit lifted. The track by Gold Panda is top notch as well, you will find your head nodding along. Ronni said, “When Gold Panda approached me, it was a period I was touring, so the only way to make the video was to do it along the way. And so I used the opportunity to film the wonderful people and places I met”. He then goes onto say, “I wanted to keep the personal humbleness of the track, it’s warmth and beauty and to simply focus on people and the notion of something shared, regardless of place, situation or climate zone…”
Inspiring stuff. Watch on below.

A certified master of producing gut-aching nostalgia with only a few loops and electronic blips, UK electronica magician Gold Panda evokes memories of his experiences living in Japan in his video for Marriage. Directed by Israeli video/performance artist Ronni Shendar, the video’s human-centered exploration of diversity (and pretty glowy lanterns) is indicative of Panda’s emotional engagement with his music. He expertly avoids the all-too-common electronica pitfall of sacrificing structure and emotional depth for calculated “urban” ambience. On the contrary, Panda delivers a synesthetic aural playground, pairing wet synths, dry percussion and enough bassline beef to sustain itself as a cohesive, thought-provoking 4-minute pop song. Dodging a self-relegation to life as an existentialist indie film or car commercial soundtrack, Gold Panda’s variant of electronic music is drippy, soul-stirring and soothing. Sidled-up with the video’s polychromatic mesh of people and paper, the end result is an acute case of the warm-and-fuzzies and, perhaps, a renewed faith in the human condition.

Here’s the quirky and colorful video for Gold Panda’s single Marriage, from his album Lucky Shiner (2010,Ghostly International). If you enjoy crisp, well-produced minimal electronica and paper lanterns, you’ll dig it. Gold Panda (from the UK) is touring the US in March. Sadly, no Twin Cities date has been announced. Turn on your love light regardless.

Not sure if I can accurately describe how much we love Gold Panda, but perhaps if we just keep writing about him, you’ll get the idea. Never have I been so utterly transfixed by such a minimal album. Lucky Shiner took over my mind for a month and this video for the new single, “Marriage”, is taking over my day. There is perfect harmony between this track and the imagery, it is simple and subtle projecting images of pure happiness. It would be useless to describe to you what happens here, you just have to feel it.

Safe to say, this is the best video we’ve seen in a while. Gold Panda’s Marriage is a sweet accompanying visual to the UK producer’s trippy track. The viddy takes us around the world in HD, with a Chinese lantern. Yup, that’s it. But as you already know, you don’t always need much to look good. Watch Gold Panda’s Marriagebelow!

This is probably one of the most heartwarming things I’ve seen in quite some time. Coupled with the 70 degree days this week in February has brought to Maryland, I’m rolling on a surprisingly natural high right now.Gold Panda is part of the new wave of electronic producers being imported in from the U.K. (Jamie XX, Fantastic Mr. Fox, James Blake, and so on and so forth). He’s probably my favorite, for whatever that’s worth.Gold Panda, whose name Wikipedia says is Derwin Panda, just put out the previous video for the excellent track “Marriage” from his 2010 release Lucky Shiner. Like I said before, heartwarming is probably the best adjective for it. If marriage is anything like this video (I’ve heard it’s not), then I think we’re all going to be just fine.

Gold Panda is back with a gorgeous clip and a nice photography direction that brings perfectly the paper lanterns to light.
FYI, Gold Panda will be playing at Point Ephémère on April 23th, grab your tickets!

From this debut album ‘Lucky Shiner’, the much awaited third single ‘Marriage’ is being released digitally on 1st March. Gold Panda received a ridicious amount of acclaim in 2010 when he broke onto the music scene and was presented the Guardian’s Best First UK Album Award. The video for ‘Marriage’ is a simple one, directed by Israeli artist Ronni Shendar and shot in Germany, Israel and India. I think it makes the song so much more beautiful.

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