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AORA video

It was a pleasure working this month with Reut Shemesh (and the entire AORA team!) on her new piece ‘AORA’.

And, it’s a pleasure to hear that AORA was just nominated for the Kölner Theaterpreis 2012.

Here’s the video/trailer I created:

Nominated for the Kölner Theaterpreis 2012

Choreography and concept: Reut Shemesh

Video by Ronni Shendar

Dance: Or Hakim, Youngsuk Lee, Laura Eva Meuris, Nicolas Robillard
Music: Nico Stallmann
Violin: Paul Diemer, Cello: Linda laukamp, Bass: Stephan Schönegg, Voice: Woohee Chung
Stage and light design: Ronni Shendar

Performed at the Design Quartier Ehrenfeld, November 2012
Filmed by Ronni Shendar

AORA was made possible through the kind support of:
Kulturamt der Stadt Köln
Michael Douglas Kollektiv
Quartier am Hafen
Design Quartier Ehrenfeld
Random Collision