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Audible Approaches – Live

Our release Audible Approaches For A Better Place came out this month and to celebrate we are uploading videos of the evening of live performances of all participating artists which took place at the HKW in Berlin as part of the Über Lebenskunst initiative.

We are uploading new videos every few days. There are already a few videos available on the Audible Approaches website.

Keep visiting for more contributions, including:
Gold PandaBrandt Brauer Frick Jasmina MaschinaKhanGlitterbug feat. Enas Massalha – Christian LöfflerEliad Wagner – Casper Clausen & Mads Brauer (of EFTERKLANG) – John Kameel Farah.

Audible Approaches for a Better Place is available at your favorite physical or digital records shop)

Here is Glitterbug featuring the beautiful voice and lyrics of Enas Massalha and myself on video (‘The Sky Fell Silent’: