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Haven’t updated this blog due to working and preparing new projects, performances, debuts and other fun stuff.

This Saturday, Glitterbug and I will premier our new show ‘Egress’ from his upcoming EP on False Ind. We will be performing at the Pelktrum Festival in Tallinn, Estonia:

  • Egress is a work for string ensemble and electronics composed and recorded by Glitterbug, consisting of four chapters – Vacuity, Span, Stagger and Appraise. Glitterbug unveils Egress as audible storytelling, similar to radio-play and audio drama scores, dealing with notions of escape, isolation, loss, mourning, and undefined fear. The composition’s thirty minutes are desolate and bare. They narrate an idea of a final, irreversible departure, presenting a soundtrack travelling through vacuous territories and hollow drifts. It narrates a void of inhabitable space, documenting the emotionality of the sound of a world post society, of a future in an unknown and possibly hostile place.

Straying away from our club-oriented show, Egress is a reduced musical structure that is built from discerning tonal subtleties and suspended harmonics. The visuals (photo above) follow similar emotional and tonal gulfs. I have no words how excited (perhaps not the most appropriate term…) I am to finally perform this piece.

This summer I had the honor to suggest and help curate an Israeli selection of music and film for the HKW‘s outdoor summer WaterMusic Festival, this year focusing on deserts.

And I also had the honor to speak at the The Institute For Music And Media in Düsseldorf at their BASECAMP lecture series, with thanks to its curator, Prof. Dr. Heike Sperling.

Another new show will premier in October, details to come soon.