© 2009 Ronni Shendar haneviim copy

Photo Selection: Theme: Jerusalem

I plunged myself into a wearing pile of indiscriminate photos,
immersed in arbitrary indexed folders and rainbow colored squares that stream over my eyes
as I slowly paddle through, like water

I made small splashes
creating non-digital stains, reckless scratch marks
abrasive folding of curving corners
smearing blemished prints
like a symptomatic badge

all the memories
objects i accumulate
gathering, squandering, recording
just in order to recollect a single moment
amassing composure as if preparing an imminent memorial

I often find myself writing my parting words to Jerusalem
a sort of eulogy for a city that will undoubtedly outlast me
that has beat me
and left me shoeless
with dust at my feet
and granule in my mouth
that let me believe that stones turn to gold
and inexplicably left me feeling, it’s the only place I call home

So…this photo selection is dedicated to my one and only: Jerusalem

haneviim copy