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Photos for Santa Vendetta

Had the pleasure of creating these photos for SANTA VENDETTA, the art on shirt studio of good friend Roy Kovalio who was also the art director of the series.

Take a look at more photos (background photos only. Collection photos were not photographed by me) and at the collection Santa Vendetta shirts, hoodies and sleeves at:

Santa Vendetta first launched as a label in summer 2012 in Berlin.

„Santa“ stands for everything that is delicate, natural,fragile and beautyful. She is a force of life with a gardner heart. She has the sensitivity for quality and a compationate face, making sure for the sake of nature and the people in it, that our collection is Fair-Wear sealed and made only out of organic cotton. She takes carefully of all the little details through the steps of the production. Santa observes the world in its beauty, always cherishing and reflecting it.

„Vendetta“ shows other facades and stands for everything that is surreal, morbid, dark and bizzare. She is a force of provocation spiced with a sence of irony. She balances the sweetness of Santa with sometimes bitter truths. She is in an ongoing state of discovering, allowing her to watch the world through different eyes and point of views, seeking always to shift reality.
Vendetta is the one responsible for the unique vibe in our printed motives, giving them depths of interpretation.

Photography: Ronni Shendar
Art direction: Roy Kovalio


Santa Vendetta by Ronni Shendar
Santa Vendetta by Ronni Shendar
Santa Vendetta by Ronni Shendar
Santa Vendetta by Ronni Shendar
Santa Vendetta by Ronni Shendar