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Glitterbug feature on Slices Magazine

Slices 03-12 DVD just came out, including a feature about Glitterbug including our joint audio-visual work (there’s a mini excerpt interview with me as well)

Slices about the feature:
“It’s challenging to put as much content into techno. I think that the club could be a much more utopian place than it is nowadays.” Glitterbug aka Till Rohmann stakes out his territory between subtle minimal beats and uplifting house or even early acid influences. In this Slices Feature he talks about his club visions while climbing into a dripstone cave.

Us summing up for the interview:
“A big part of our work is trying to create a certain vulnerability, not only for ourselves but also for the audience. It’s not just about creating an experience that is beautiful or compelling, but also opening up to a wider perspective, a certain consciousness. We are both occupied by social and political questions of our own histories and societies, and the notion of a grave irreparableness of our times leads us to explore a certain stark desolation, often through barren landscapes, unearthly or uninhabitable terrains.”