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FEELHARMONIA – new video for Christian Löffler

Christian Löffler will be releasing his debut album A FOREST on Ki Records in June this year.
I had the honor to create this video for the track FEELHARMONIA, featuring singer singer Gry Bagøien

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It was clear for me that for Christian Löffler’s new album ‘A Forest’ I wanted to work with nature. His music, and particularly this album, emanates from the natural world, from a sequestered northern landscape, and I wanted to join him there in its origins. Feelharmonia for me was about creating, or feeling, this perfect harmony with the wild. A sort of mirror of a self – of limbs and appendages that stem like a projection of our own, as the borders become blurred. It felt to me like working inside a magical snow globe that one is shaking as it pours over the horizon, and this is the feeling and notion I tried to convey.