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CD release: Audible Approaches for a Better Place

For our new c.sides release we asked ten of our favorite artists to compose music that would make the world better.
There were few guidelines and mostly just freedom to try out our little musical experiment – self-deprecating, yet genuine and heartfelt.

And today, the 2xCD compilation Audible Approaches for a Better Place is available worldwide!

The compilation features exclusive tracks from:
Gold PandaBrandt Brauer Frick Jasmina MaschinaKhanGlitterbug feat. Enas Massalha – Christian LöfflerEliad Wagner – Casper Clausen & Mads Brauer (of EFTERKLANG) – John Kameel Farah.

You can order the double CD from your favorite shop around the world!

We also had the fortune to bring all these new compositions to stage at the HKW in Berlin and will be uploading all videos in the coming weeks!
You can follow us and watch them here: www.audible-approaches.csides.net/video.html