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A very lucky me got to make a new video for dear-talented-heartbreaking-dreamer Gold Panda’s beautiful track ‘Marriage’.

When Gold Panda approached me, it was a period I was touring (with the Glitterbug live show), so the only way to make the video was to do it along the way. And so I used the opportunity to film the wonderful people and places I met.

I wanted to keep the personal humbleness of the track, it’s warmth and beauty and to simply focus on people and the notion of something shared, regardless of place, situation or climate zone… I always showed whoever I filmed footage from previous shoots, so people would see one another, and in some sense strangers became friends and the video grew a life of its own.

The amazing thing was that many strangers came up to me along the way so fascinated by the light of the lantern and asked me if they could please have one… So I left most behind and came back home loving the idea that the video just continues on its own around the globe.

Written and produced by Gold Panda
Mixed by James Shaw at Space Cave
Published by Wichita Songs Ltd / Domino Music Publishing Co.Ltd.
P&C 2010 Notown / Ghostly International

Video by Ronni Shendar

Thank you: Derwin! Till! Adina, Amelie, Andrea, Anna, Annette, Ashraf, Carsten, Charlotte, Dhanya, Eliad, Hibat, Hillel, Ilanit, Imma, Isabelle, Julia, Karen, Katkot, Kenneth, Kerry, Maria, Martin, Mehmet, Mesut, Michael, Murat, Nuno, Omer, Parag, Patrice, Rajeesh, Reinhard, Reji, Ronit, Sabina Yasmin, Sahil, Sandro, Shoshana, Sonesh, Spyros, Tal, Tanaya, Tom, Ufuk, Yoav.

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